Your Home’s New Year’s Resolution List

As you take down, organize, and store your holiday lights and decorations, use this time to extend those cozy winter season vibes while taking stock of some of your home’s out-of-sight/out-of-mind areas. You may find some things that make it onto your home’s 2022 resolution list for updating or upgrading.  

Electrical | Twinkling holiday lights are magical, why not keep a few strings up along your back patio for winter fire pit gatherings with hot cocoa and s’mores? Be sure to check your outdoor outlets, ground fault interrupter, and breaker box to ensure your home’s electrical is a-ok!

Landscaping | Use the time when you are outside removing your lights to tend to any overgrown plantings around your home. Enjoy your time outdoors in nature. Winter gardening time is perfect for planting trees and adding bird feeders. 

Chimney | I’m sure your family enjoys gathering around your cozy fireplace during this time of year. Did you get a chance to ask Santa about the state of your chimney? You can check it yourself for tilting, which may indicate foundation issues that should be addressed. 

Roof, Gutters & Siding | When up on your ladder to remove your lights, use this time to take a good look at your roof and gutters. Is it time for an upgrade or replacement? Check along your eaves for pest damage, and where your home meets the ground, look for signs of ants or termites. A good 2022 resolution is to get regular inspections from a pest professional, your home will thank you for it. 

Check New Trends | I saved the best for last, look for places that updates may just make your home extra happy! Here are some great 2022 trends to consider: 


Just like us, your home needs a resolution list for each new year to keep it happy and healthy, and to ensure it keeps its value! Happy New Year! Happy Home!